Aquarius 2020 Love and Relationships Horoscope



Aquarius Best Month for Socializing

The New Year starts off on a very bright note for you. In 2020 Venus, the planet of love, is in your Star Sign during the first two weeks of January. Whether you’re single or already part of a couple, you’ll be widening your network of acquaintances now and making some fascinating new contacts. 

If you’re looking for a fresh love interest, there should be lots of opportunities to meet exciting new people at all those New Year parties and social events. So try to get round to them all and don’t risk missing out on all the fun! Remember, as always it’s the people who are a bit different from the norm who will turn out to be the most interesting to you – and the most likely to float your boat.

Falling in Love with Love

Aquarians tend to be fairly detached by nature and aren’t known as big romantics. But this year it’s likely to be rather different. Get set to be hit by one of Cupid’s little arrows when Venus spends a whole four months in your Solar House of Love Affairs between the start of April and the first week of August. 

Being in love makes you feel wonderful now, so if you find yourself falling head over heels for someone who makes you heart sing, don’t fight it. You might even consider making some kind of romantic commitment, and if so this is an excellent time to do so. Be very careful though to avoid Venus’s Retrograde period from May 13th to June 25th which is a well known deal breaker for anything to do with love.

Impassioned Communication

Speaking your mind comes naturally to you Aquarius, but that’s likely to step up to a whole new level during the second half of 2020 when Mars, the planet of passion, is resident in your Communications Sector for a full six months, starting from the beginning of July

Where love is concerned, it helps a lot that it’s easier now for you to put your feelings into words with more ardor and enthusiasm. If you have the hots for someone, they’ll be left in no doubt about it! But because Mars also stirs up your warrior spirit, it’s also much easier for you to upset people you’re feeling angry with by being too harshly outspoken. 

Building on Friendships

Lunar Eclipses are celebrated for their ability to bring closure on outworn relationships in preparation for a brand new chapter. And this year they’re active on June 5th and November 30th  in the Friendships and Romance Sectors of your Solar Horoscope, where they may spark off some interesting changes. 

Don’t be surprised if an existing friendship gradually – or in some cases suddenly – develops into a full-on romance (good news if you have long had a secret crush on a friend, but not so good if your affection for them is purely platonic).

At the same time there’s also the possibility that someone you’re currently romantically involved with will morph back into just being a good buddy, and nothing more. Thank goodness you’re strong on adaptability Aquarius, because you’ll need to draw on it now!