Virgo 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



If you’re a single Virgo

The year starts off on an exciting note for you, Virgo, with a dramatic Solar Eclipse in the Romance Sector of your Solar Chart on January 5th. In essence, this sets the scene for the appearance of a potential new love interest in your life. However, with your highly discriminating approach to relationships, you’re unlikely to simply follow the stars without a lot of careful consideration and forethought.

Your intrinsically serious attitude towards sex and romance has come to the fore over the last year since Saturn, the planet of responsibility, entered your Solar House of Love Affairs. Because you’re even more particular than ever now about your choice of lover, undependable or impractical types are completely off the agenda – or at least they should be.

But that doesn’t also mean you should be rejecting promising partners for trivial reasons, or you will be wasting the precious opportunities – available to you thanks to the planetary configurations in your 2019 horoscope – for finding and settling down happily with the One.

If you’re a Virgo who is already in a relationship

If you’re already in a relationship but haven’t yet committed to full coupledom, you may receive a cosmic push to take the plunge in 2019. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has now entered the Home and Family Sector of your Solar Chart and will remain there until the start of December. The prospect of domestic bliss and fulfillment lies within your reach this year, Virgo! But unless you’re willing to reduce your expectations of perfection, the chance may pass you by.

Dates when you’ll be thinking a lot more about putting down roots in response to openings that may present themselves center around the 22nd January and then again the 24th November. At these special times, Venus, the planet of love and happiness, forms a magical conjunction with lucky Jupiter in your House of Home and Family.

If there’s a possibility of moving in with your lover around these times, you should make the most of it since the omens for your future happiness are exceedingly good. Conjunction aspects between Jupiter, known as the Greater Benefic, and Venus, the Lesser Benefic, are especially fortuitous since they combine the power of the two most helpful planets in the Solar System to bring about great opportunities likely to culminate in a positive outcome.

Doubts, fears and disillusionments

It’s said you should never look a gift horse in the mouth, but when you’re a Virgo it’s hard not to think about all the potential drawbacks to even the most wonderful of free handouts from the Universe. Be forewarned, Virgo, this year your inborn tendency to question the worth and value of everything and everyone reaches a new high!

This year the infamous square between Jupiter (the planet of expansion) and Neptune (the planet of ideals) could create a lot of tension for you, pitting your desire to take the next big step in your love life against your impossibly high romantic expectations. Have you heard that other old saying ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’? Bear it in mind this year, Virgo and don’t miss out on the chance of instant happiness in the belief that, if you simply hold on, something even better could be waiting round the corner – just in case it’s not.

Dreams versus Practicalities

As an Earth sign, you’re basically a very practical person, Virgo, but because of your lofty ideals you’re also something of a dreamer. This year’s critically important Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21st straddles the two areas of your Solar Horoscope that rule dreams versus practicalities. So here again the Universe is focusing your attention on striking a compromise between settling for what works for you on a pragmatic level in the here and now, and striving to make your life as perfect as possible in the future.

To create your ideal reality, take it one step at a time, Virgo. Show you’re willing to embrace, and be grateful for, what is currently available to you, even if it’s not currently up to your standards. Put the necessary effort into patiently refining and improving it. Then experience a deep sense of satisfaction as you observe how even the tiniest of seeds can eventually yield the most luscious of fruits.