Taurus 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



If you’re a single Taurus

In 2019, Taurus, you will be getting used to the liberating vibes of Uranus – the planet of experimentation – which temporarily moved into your Star Sign in May 2018 but now takes up permanent residency from the beginning of March this year.

Playing it safe – a thing of the past?

Because cautiousness has always been your byword, Taurus, your newfound willingness to take a few risks does of course take some getting accustomed to. But with lucky Jupiter now in your Sex and Intimacy Sector, you should have so much confidence in yourself and so many opportunities available to you (especially around January 22nd and November 24th when Jupiter buddies up with Venus!) that playing it safe where relationships are concerned may well be a thing of the past.

In times gone by, your inbuilt safety-first instincts would have stopped you from plunging into a new love affair without first finding out exactly what you were getting yourself into.

This year, though, under the influence of Jupiter, you’re more easily sexually aroused and more likely to fall in love at first sight on the basis of a purely physical attraction.

Of course, as an earthy Taurus, sexual compatibility is of course very important to you. However, you can never be happy with someone who doesn’t also share your material values and doesn’t want the same kind of things out of life as yourself – and right now, with serious Saturn in your House of Beliefs, this is even more the case. So resist the urge to jump into bed too soon with your new flame, Taurus, and make sure you’ve done your usual thorough homework on them first.

Disappointments in the air

You’ll be hearing a lot in 2019 about the famous Jupiter/Neptune square which occurs three times this year, in January, June and then again in September, causing us to see people and things through rose-tinted glasses and making us more trusting than we might normally be.

Inevitably, when our bubbles of illusion finally burst, big disappointments can follow. So don’t put yourself at risk this year, Taurus, and hold onto your inborn sense of feet-on-the-ground realism. If a new lover or romance appears too good to be true, then it probably is.

Loving body, mind and soul

Despite all these obstacles on the path to true love, Taurus, an excellent cosmic omen in your Solar Chart right at the start of 2019 heralds the arrival of a chance for genuine romantic happiness. Take advantage of the Solar Eclipse on January 5th in your Solar 9th House to focus on choosing a partner you can love not just for their body but also for the mind and soul. Then, throughout the rest of the year, the Stars will be on your side helping you to find the ‘One’.

If you’re a Taurus who is already in a relationship

You can look forward to lots more fun and laughter between the sheets with your steady partner in 2019, Taurus. If the spark has gone out of your love life, Jupiter in your Solar Eighth House will be joyfully fanning it again, and helping you to realize that sex in a committed relationship doesn’t have to become samey and boring. It’s said that humor is the best aphrodisiac, so take the initiative in the bedroom this year and try cracking a few jokes to turn your partner on!

Because Jupiter in this area of your Solar Chart also favors joint financial ventures, it’s a good time for making money in collaboration with your Significant Other. Indeed, taking a chance on a new business enterprise is more likely to work out well for you if you and your partner enter into it hand in hand. At the same time, before embarking on any kind of gamble, be sure you’re clearly aware of the potential risks involved. Of course, if you’re a Taurus who iss worth your salt, you won’t need reminding about that!