Scorpio 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



Understanding how your attitude towards money influences your chances of experiencing happiness in your life – and not least your love life – represents a subtle yet particularly important theme in your 2019 Horoscope, Scorpio.

Jupiter, the planet that rules good fortune but also foolish misjudgments, will be resident in your Solar Finances Sector for almost the whole of this year. Here it will exert a much bigger bearing on your romantic relationships than you might at first assume, since in the material world that we all inhabit, money and love are inextricably connected.

There are at least two key ways in which, during the course of 2019, money could change your love life either for the better or the worse. In both cases, to take full advantage of the blessings Jupiter has on offer, you’ll need to draw on all the wisdom you have accumulated not only in this life, but perhaps also in past lives.

If you’re a single Scorpio

Jupiter in your Money Sector opens up many different kinds of opportunities for gaining wealth and material security, and where your relationships are concerned this is likely to mean meeting potential partners with a higher financial status to yourself.

Because, as a Scorpio, you have a natural affinity with the best things in life, you could be subconsciously won over by the attentions of well-off admirers able and willing to treat you to a more luxurious lifestyle of the kind you feel entitled to. However, before deciding you’re ‘in love’, think carefully about whether the attraction on your part is more material, rather than physical and/or emotional.

What kind of prize will you win in the Jupiter lottery stakes this year, Scorpio? If you find your dream lover who can satisfy not only your material but also your romantic desires, you will have scored the jackpot. But if you put money before love and enter into a relationship low in romantic and sexual fulfillment largely for financial gain, you’ll end up with the booby prize!

Money can’t buy love

In conjunction with Neptune (the planet of disillusionment) Jupiter will be teaching you a lot in 2019 about the bitter disappointments which can ensue from allowing your heart to be ‘bought’ – albeit in subtle ways. Watch out this year for the three big Jupiter-Neptune Squares around the middle of January, the middle of June and the third week of September. These are the main times when the pitfalls of following a false road to happiness are likely to really hit home.

With the powerful Jupiter-Neptune square aspect spanning your Solar Finances and Love Affairs Sectors, the mantra to bear in mind is ‘money can’t buy love’ – in the sense that you can’t buy others’ affection any more than they can buy yours.

If you’re a true Scorpio, you believe in your power to get whatever – and whoever – you want in life and you can be very cleverly manipulative in the way you go about it. Thus if all else fails, the temptation in 2019 will be for you to try to snare the object of your desire through financial or material inducements.

This year if you’re overly generous in your personal relationships, you’ll face the problem of never knowing whether you’re loved for who you really are or simply for what you’re capable of giving. Pay attention to the two important Venus-Jupiter conjunctions on January 22nd and November 24th.. These are the times when you’re most at risk of messing up potentially good romantic opportunities by trying too hard to impress instead of letting love come to you of its own accord.

If you’re a Scorpio who is already in a relationship

In 2019 the focus falls on achieving a fair balance between the amount of time and effort you’re devoting to domestic matters compared to your employment and other activities outside the home. Be careful not to get so fixated on chasing worldly success that your partner’s or family’s wellbeing suffers as a result. On the other hand, try not to allow your domestic worries and responsibilities to affect your ability to concentrate on the job.

The Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st January, which straddles the Career and Home Sectors of your Solar Chart, may be a big wake-up call for you about all the things that can go badly wrong, both professionally and domestically, if you’re too invested in one key area of your life at the expense of another equally important one. Moderation and equilibrium may not be in your nature, Scorpio, but you’re going to have to learn them during 2019.