Sagittarius 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



If you’re a single Sagittarius

The great news for all you single Archers is that lucky Jupiter is resident in your Star Sign right through most of 2019, bringing all kinds of love opportunities your way. Jupiter’s expansive energy also gives an extra boost to your personal confidence this year, which makes it even easier for you to take advantage of what’s available in the belief that success can readily be yours.

More romantic openings are on offer to you courtesy of Uranus (the planet of change and experimentation) which remains in your Love Affairs Sector until the start of March 2019. Uranus in this area of your Solar Chart stirs up your longing to experience something entirely new and different in your love life, while emboldening you to let go of the old.

So Sagittarius, if you’re looking for a wonderful new sexual relationship, there’s nothing to prevent you from writing a thrilling new script for your love life. Just keep in mind the following all-important universal laws.

The universal law of abundance

To unlock Jupiter’s unlimited abundance, it’s vital to focus on thinking positively – something that, fortunately, you usually have no problem with at all. Don’t be too indiscriminate, however, in your acceptance of the opportunities that come your way. Because not all of them will be good ones, you’ll need to be ready to sort the wheat from the chaff.

This year to attract the right kind of relationship and/or lover, be sure to formulate a clear intention and consciously ask the Universe to send you what you desire (or something even better). It’s a Universal Law that if you don’t ask (and preferably several times) for exactly what you want, then you won’t receive!

Because achieving clarity about what you want from love is so critically important to actually getting it, before formulating your intention you should also spend a little time reassessing your romantic goals for 2019.

Wishing for the wrong thing

Be very careful, Sagittarius, that what you’re wishing and hoping for will be truly relevant and beneficial to your life. With Neptune, the planet of illusions, squaring up three times to optimistic Jupiter during the coming year, it could be incredibly easy for you to delude yourself and make the wrong call at this time. Have a good clear-out of your old hopes and dreams to determine which of them are still valid and meaningful and which are only good for the garbage bin.

Note the dates of the powerful 2019 Jupiter-Neptune transit – the middle of January, the middle of June and the third week in September – and beware the false euphoria of imagining you have struck lucky at these times, soon to be followed by the bitterly disappointing realization that you have actually landed the booby prize.

If you’re a Sagittarius who is already in a relationship

How committed are you – both emotionally and financially – to your Significant Other, Sagittarius? If there’s a part of you that still wants to hang on to your freedom and is secretly resistant to seeing yourself as part of a couple, then it may reveal itself under the influence of two powerful Solar Eclipses impacting your Money and Intimacy Sectors during 2019.

Events occurring around the 5th January, and then again at the start of July, could draw your attention to any weaknesses in your relationship resulting from your reluctance to fully give yourself, body and soul, to your loved one. Be prepared for a mini-crisis around these times, giving you the opportunity to accept where you have been behaving rather selfishly, and paving the way for a fresh start based on a greater acceptance of your romantic responsibilities.

It may well suit your independence to keep your money separate from your partner’s, but it also implies a basic lack of confidence in them which may additionally be infiltrating other areas of your relationship. If you give them the impression you don’t trust them financially, will they automatically assume you also distrust them sexually? This is the big question likely to be on their mind during 2019.