Pisces 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



If you’re a single Pisces

The first Eclipse of the year is always a key pointer to the main changes likely to occur in our life over the coming 12 months, and in your case, Pisces, it falls in the Social Sector of your Solar Chart. Coupled with the continuing presence here of Saturn (the planet of challenges) it seems likely your attention will be brought to the need to drop some of your existing friendships due to their negative influence on your love life.

Watch out for jealous acquaintances who are undermining your attempts to find romance in 2019, Pisces and don’t pay too much attention to their toxic advice. If you’re true to your Star Sign you have a tendency to be too impressionable at times, and overly willing to believe what others are telling you instead of relying on your own higher guidance.

Your co-rulers are in conflict

Last year your famous intuition was in top form due to a rare and magical Trine relationship between your co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune. In 2019 Jupiter and Neptune are in aspect again, but this time in a more stressful and conflicting way. The risk now is that over-optimism (Jupiter) combined with excessive idealism (Neptune) may propel you into rash actions without having properly thought through the practical realities, leading to big disappointments further down the line.

This year people and situations may not be as positive or beneficial as they first appear to be – especially around the dates of the three big Jupiter-Neptune squares in the middle of January, the middle of June and then in the third week of September. Guile and subterfuge abound at these times, so polish up your psychic antennae, Pisces, and steer clear of opportunities that seem too good to be true, because you’ll soon discover indeed they are.

Windows of romantic opportunity

As a single Pisces, the big window of romantic opportunity for you in 2019 runs from the middle of May to the end of June, when Mars, the planet of passion, is resident in your Love Affairs Sector, firing up your libido and sparking off some red-hot, but also quite stormy attractions.

You will need to be very discriminating in sorting the wheat from the chaff among potential dates and lovers. Do they live up to the new stricter standards you are setting in your social life by making you feel stronger and happier rather than more depleted and anxious? If you sense the people you are meeting now are in any way controlling or aggressive, albeit secretly so, see this as a gigantic dating red flag which you would be foolish to ignore.

If you emerge intact from this exciting, but potentially hazardous romantic period, you will have learned from your experiences how to get the best out of the critically important second Solar Eclipse of 2019, which powerfully activates your Love Affairs Sector on the 2nd July. Solar Eclipses (just mega-strong New Moons) often herald the start of a new and critically important chapter in our lives. Around this time, and over the coming months, be on the look-out, Pisces, for someone special entering your life, who could possibly turn out to be the One!

If you’re a Pisces who is already in a relationship

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, spends approximately twelve months in each of the twelve Houses of your Solar Horoscope, and this year it is the turn of your Career Sector to receive its bountiful blessings. Your prospects of success in your job take a step up in 2019, Pisces, but not without the risk of disappointment in other areas of your life, and most especially your romantic partnership.

If you’re spending too much time expanding your career to give your Significant Other the attention they need and deserve, they’re likely to make their dissatisfaction known very forcefully. From mid August to mid November, the inflammatory influence of Mars (the planet of war) transiting your Partnerships and Intimacy Sectors threatens to stir up arguments and fights in your marriage or commited relationship. To avoid these, be sure to take extra care to balance the demands of your career with those of your spouse or partner.