Libra 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



If you’re a single Libra

Your 2019 Horoscope begins on a dramatically exciting note, Libra! The Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st January, spanning your Solar Friendships and Love Affairs sectors, sets the tone for a year that could be marked by important changes in the status of one or more of your existing relationships.

A current friendship may gradually – or in some cases quite suddenly – develop into a full-on romance. If you were unaware that the other person’s feelings for you were more passionate than they appeared to be, this may come as a big, and either a welcome or unwelcome, surprise to you.

It’s good news, of course, if you have long had a secret crush on your friend which you now know is fully reciprocated. But if your affection for them is purely platonic, you may have something of a challenge on your hands,

Reluctance to hurt their feelings and concerns about losing their friendship for ever could cause you to hold back from rejecting their romantic advances much longer than you ought to. To avoid a far bigger confrontation later down the line, and more painful emotions on both sides, if you’re not interested, best say so immediately.

Walking your Talk

Giving others the wrong impression about your true feelings for them by being overly nice is a Libran trait that has always caused a few problems for you. Indulging your talent for successful flirtation is hard for you to resist, and this is especially the case during 2019 now that expansive Jupiter has taken up residency in your Communications Sector, boosting your gift of the gab.

This year think carefully about the tone and content of what you’re saying to people Libra, how appropriate it is, and whether or not you genuinely mean it. To avoid appearing more emotionally involved than you actually are, be careful never to say yes when you really mean no, and exercise some restraint over your tendency towards gushing exuberance.

The infamous 2019 square between Jupiter (the planet of excess) and Neptune (the planet of deception) increases your risk of getting yourself into romantic difficulties due to verbal incontinence and disingenuity. Especially around the middle of January, the middle of June, and the third week of September, beware bending the truth to tell others what you think they want to hear rather than what you know they need to hear. To sow the seeds of good karma, if you make a commitment be prepared to carry through on it by ‘walking your talk’.

If you’re a Libra who is already in a relationship

From the beginning of March 2019, Uranus, the planet of experimentation, takes up definitive residence in your Sex and Intimacy Sector where it will remain for the next seven years. For you, as a Libra who is part of a couple, this represents a challenge to your ability to remain faithful to your partner as it stirs up your urge to experience something rather different in the sexual sphere.

If you’re deeply in love, you’ll find it easier to resist these Uranian urges to stray than if you’re already procrastinating about whether or not your current partner is the One. Instead, you may consider introducing more variety and excitement into your love life by experimenting with new sexual techniques, which could give your relationship a fresh lease of life.

Uranus transits can manifest in many different ways, and sometimes, rather than you desiring or personally initiating changes, they can simply hit you seemingly out of nowhere. Watch out for one of these ‘bolt from the blue’ romantic developments around the time of, and following, the Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st January which activates your Romance and Friendship Sectors.

You’ve already heard how a currently platonic friendship could develop into a passionate new love affair during 2019 – and equally, a currently passionate love affair could diminish into a purely platonic friendship. If your partner falls out of love with you this year, Libra, fear not: a new, and even better romantic relationship is likely to be waiting round the corner.