Leo 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



If you’re a single Leo

Romantic opportunities abound for you in 2019, Leo! Jupiter, the planet of abundance, which recently took up residence in your Solar House of Love Affairs, will be showering its blessings on you throughout the coming year.

While not all of these opportunities will be good ones, by now you’ve learned how to sniff out the non-starters and avoid wasting your time on people who don’t give you the respect you want and deserve. Most importantly, you understand that just because someone is piling on the flattery, it doesn’t mean they’re genuinely interested in you. Never again will you allow yourself to be manipulated by people who seek to play on your vanity to further their own ignoble agendas.

Windows of Romantic Opportunity

While lucky Jupiter will be smiling on you right through till the start of December, it’s particularly active on two very special dates which you should circle round right now in your social diary. On January 22nd, it marries up with Venus (the planet of love), heralding the advent of a love affair which could bring you true happiness. If you miss out on this, don’t worry: you get another chance when the same transit occurs again on 24th November.

All conjunctions between Jupiter (the greater benefic) and Venus (the lesser benefic) are particularly important in matters of the heart since they help enormously to bring about a positive outcome. However, the January 22nd conjunction acquires extra significance for you Leo, because it occurs one day after the Total Lunar Eclipse in your Star Sign has sent your sexual charisma soaring sky high! How could anyone resist you now?

Holding onto the Dream

If you believe this year that you have met your dream lover, you’ll need to be very careful, Leo, not to let them slip away. Around January 13th, June 16th and again in the region of September 21st the infamous 2019 Jupiter/Neptune squares may start you questioning whether that special someone really measures up to the dream.

Because Neptune, the planet of ideals and disillusionment, is resident in your Solar House of Intimacy, your hopes of experiencing sexual bliss could easily be dashed if you set the bar too high. Don’t ditch your sweetheart just because the Earth fails to move for you. Practice will make perfect, if you give your new relationship a fair chance.

This year, if you’ve made a silly mistake and fallen in love with a fantasy image of your perfect partner rather than the person they actually are, it’s during these critical Jupiter/Neptune transits that your rose colored glasses will fall off and you’ll be confronted with the cold face of reality.

Phoney flatterers, opportunists, and irritating time-wasters – all those types you had promised yourself you would never by caught out by again – will be revealed in all their ignominy, and you’ll be left in no doubt that they are in no way good enough for you. Never forget, only the best for you, Leo, where love is concerned!

If you’re a Leo who is already in a relationship

Similarly to last year, the dilemma of personal independence versus romantic togetherness crops up again at the very start of your 2019 Horoscope. The Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st January, which straddles your Solar Me Sector and Partnerships Sector, brings to the fore issues which will force you to choose between furthering your own life goals or supporting your Significant Other’s ambitions and desires.

If you’re fully committed to your relationship, you will of course need to take your partner’s needs very seriously. On the other hand, if you possess a reasonable level of self-awareness, you will have to acknowledge that, as a true Leo, sacrificing your own life aspirations to help someone else’s simply in your nature. Learning how to be part of a successful couple without losing the ability to continue being your own (very special) person is an ongoing challenge all you Big Cats currently in a relationship will be facing in 2019.