Gemini 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



If you’re a single Gemini

As a Star Sign, Geminis tend to cling to their single status rather longer than is really good for them, and even when they meet that special someone they often lose the chance of romantic happiness because they’re so reluctant to commit.

Don’t miss out on love in 2019 Gemini, because the cosmic omens all point to the possibility of you finding the One this year. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, firmly ensconced in your Solar House of Partnerships through till the end of November, heralds the advent of a true love union which could make you happier than you have ever been before!

The big dates for you this year

The big dates to watch out for are January 22nd and November 24th, when lucky Jupiter marries up with Venus, the planet of love, setting the scene for a special romantic opportunity you would be foolish to miss out on.

This year, if you find yourself falling madly in love at some point, with Jupiter in your Solar Seventh House, it’s unlikely to be a short-lived or superficial affair. This will be the kind of relationship that deserves your total respect and commitment. Certainly, you shouldn’t feel the urge to carry on flirting with other people at the same time. If you do, rest assured you haven’t yet found the One!

Taking love more seriously

In the past year, Saturn, the ‘great cosmic teacher’, resident in your Solar House of Intimacy, has been helping you to realize that sexual liaisons with no genuine emotional depth and meaning ultimately prove cold, empty and unfulfilling.

If you’ve understood this lesson well, you’ll be in a much stronger position now to benefit from the romantic blessings Jupiter is waiting to shower on you. In astrology, Jupiter and Saturn always operate as a pair, with Saturn showing us what we need to learn and Jupiter bringing the rewards for good work!

The need for a new and more serious approach to sex in 2019 is symbolized by a powerful Solar Eclipse in your Intimacy Sector right at the start of the year, on 5th January. Solar Eclipses are always about making fresh starts, so if fidelity is still a challenging issue in your love life, Gemini, it will be easier to overcome the desire to stray from now on.

If you find your dream don’t let it slip away!

If you finally find your dream in 2019, Gemini, don’t let it slip through your fingers! The one ‘fly in the ointment’ as far as astrological influences are concerned is the big Jupiter/Neptune square which occurs three times during 2019, in January, June and then again in September.

When spacey Neptune squares up with Jupiter, it can give an ‘unreal’ quality to the happiness we have found, a sense that it’s somehow too good to be true. Doubts, fears and disillusionment can get in the way of what should really be a blissfully happy time in your life. Don’t let your dream relationship remain just a dream. Take the necessary action to ground it in reality before it quietly slips away.

If you’re a Gemini who is already in a relationship

The realization that you’re in a wonderful relationship you want to hold onto in the long term may lead you to put it on a more formal footing in 2019. Perhaps you will decide to tie the knot by getting married, or if you’re already married maybe you will choose to renew your vows. If a wedding isn’t really your thing, moving in together is another way of showing the world you’re now a fully committed couple.

Here again, however, Geminis should watch out for sneaky Neptune, the planet of over-idealism, which threatens to undermine the good things Jupiter has to offer by causing you to question whether they’re actually good enough – or something better could be waiting round the corner. Don’t allow unrealistic expectations to ruin your happiness this year, Gemini, and embrace it wholeheartedly when it’s within your reach.