Capricorn 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



2019 begins on a critically important note for you Capricorn! A Solar Eclipse in your Star Sign right at the start of year, on 5th January, marks a big opportunity for turning a new page in all areas of your life, and not least your love life. Then just two weeks later, on January 21st a spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse in the Sex and Intimacy Sector of your Solar Chart, reinforces the powerful cosmic message that romantic changes are afoot!

Are you a true hard working Capricorn? If so, since your ruling planet, Saturn, entered your Sign about 12 months ago, you will already have been devoting a lot of effort into putting in the groundwork for a secure and fulfilling future for yourself. Now you’re ready to actually start building – and the January Solar Eclipse in Capricorn should give you exactly the impetus you need!

Translating your romantic goals into action

The days for hesitating, holding back, and waiting and seeing how things are likely to turn out in your love life before making your move, are now finally over, Capricorn. Start the year as you mean to go on by making a clear and unequivocal commitment to translate your romantic goals into reality.

Then, by the time of the second Solar Eclipse of 2019 on 2nd July which falls in your Partnerships Sector, you will be set to ‘do the deed’, whatever that may mean in your case, be it getting married, moving in with your lover, or finally beginning seriously searching for a partner by leaping into the dating pool (just sticking your toe in won’t do!).

Dreams and realities

As the kind of person who prefers to deal in hard facts and realities, you generally have your feet planted firmly on the ground, Capricorn, and may not be in the habit of paying a great deal of attention to your intuitive guidance.

This year however, as expansive Jupiter takes up residence in the part of your Solar Chart that rules your subconscious, it will be much harder for you to remain deaf to your Guardian Angel’s little whispers. Because they’ll be getting a lot louder and more insistent now, they won’t be easy to ignore.

Answers to your worries and concerns will be channelled to you either via your night dreams, which are likely to become more frequent and more vivid, or when you’re daydreaming – something that normally you rarely have time for since you’re so busy getting on with the task in hand, but which you may find yourself doing a lot more of this year.

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing these subtle insights simply because the strongly grounded part of you is convinced they aren’t ‘real’. Make trusting in, and following, your higher guidance an essential part of the big personal changes coming your way in 2019, Capricorn. Important dates for intuitive flashes relating to your personal relationships center around January 22nd and November 24th when a highly fortuitous conjunction between Venus (the planet of love) and Jupiter (the planet of blessings) shows you how to access opportunities leading to happier times ahead.

Keeping your guidance to yourself

The psychic help you will be receiving over the next 12 months won’t, however, be easy for you to explain to those around you as a justification for your decisions and actions. For one thing, if you’re a typical Capricorn, discussing occult matters is likely to cause you some embarrassment. For another, translating your gut feelings into the language of logical reasoning, which is always hard even at the best of times, becomes all but impossible this year.

Be on your alert on the three occasions in 2019 – around the middle of January, the middle of June, and the third week of September – when Neptune (the planet of confusion) faces off with Jupiter (the planet of confidence) in a challenging square aspect spanning your Solar Intuition and Communication Sectors. If, at these times, you rashly divulge too much to others about the unseen advice you’re receiving, you’re at risk of creating some seriously crossed wires in your relationships, while making yourself sound a little crazy. So best keep it quietly to yourself.