Aries 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



Aries people don’t tend to be big dreamers – they’re far too busy rushing headlong through life to spend much time with their head in the clouds. But this year’s hugely important Jupiter/Neptune square is likely to change all that. On and off throughout 2019 – specifically in January, June and September – if you’re an Aries, you’ll be dwelling a lot on the meaning of life and love.

If you’re a single Aries

The year starts off for you on a dramatic note, with the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21st falling in your Solar House of Love Affairs. This signals a fresh start in your opportunities for love, sex and romance, along with the need to let go of what (and who) has gone before.

Then on January 22nd, as Venus (the planet of love) buddies up with Jupiter (the planet of good fortune), there’s the possibility of meeting a new someone who will be very beneficial to you. The same lucky transit occurs again on November 24th, giving you another chance to find happiness later in the year.

So what’s different for you this year, Aries?

What’s different in 2019 is that you’ll instinctively be drawn towards lovers who share your own beliefs and values, while wanting to stay away from those who aren’t on your wavelength. However physically attractive a person may be, and however good the sex may be with them, you’ll soon get bored if you discover they can’t go beyond the superficialities of life, and only ever think about material things.

This year, if a prospective partner has a different cultural background, or was born in another country to yourself, that’s great news for you. You’ll find it fascinating to hear about their alternative approaches to morality, sex and relationships, and you may learn some things that shake up your own ideas in a positive way.

At the same time be very careful though, not to put someone on a pedestal and assume they’re really special, just because they’re different from the norm. When Neptune bursts your bubble of illusion (which it will do at some point in the year), your rose tinted glasses will quickly fall off and you’ll be disappointed when you see them for who they really are. Better to take a realistic view and limit your expectations right from the start.

How money comes into it!

Having different financial values to a partner is nearly always an ultimate deal breaker for any relationship. So before taking the plunge with a new lover it’s always a good idea to check out that you think along the same lines where money is concerned. If they’re a bit of a tightwad while you’re a big spender, or vice versa, one of you will have to be prepared to compromise if you want to make a success of your love.

Fortunately, Aries, now Uranus (the planet of change) has entered your Solar Finance Sector, you’re less prone to your usual ‘me-first’ approach, and more open to adjusting your attitude toward earning and spending money to fit in with your new partner’s ways, even if this mean less cash in your own pocket.

If you’re an Aries who is already in a relationship

If you’re in a committed relationship, you should still watch out for that Lunar Eclipse in your Love Affairs Sector on 21st January! Its potential for bringing about endings may pose a risk to your current partnership if it’s not in particularly good shape. Bear in mind, though, that Lunar Eclipse break-ups are nearly always followed by important new beginnings, so it’s likely a new love affair will be waiting for you just round the corner.

If you survive the January Eclipse, throughout the rest of the year you and your partner should focus on broadening your horizons by travelling as widely as your fluctuating finances permit. Together, you should find that some exciting opportunities open up for you in foreign places. Bon voyage!