Aquarius 2019 Love and Romance Horoscope



If you’re a single Aquarius

Bountiful Jupiter in your Friendships Sector right through 2019 brings an abundance of new social contacts into your life, Aquarius! Because being with people means so much to you, there’s no shortage this year of the kind of company that you enjoy the most. However, servicing all these new friends will take up a lot of your time and your energy, perhaps leaving little over for finding true love. To what extent this will bother you is, of course, the big question.

If you’re true to your Star Sign, Aquarius, keeping your relationships on a detached, easy-come-easy-go basis suits your strongly independent nature and this year’s cosmic line-up in your Solar Chart suggests you’ll be even less inclined than usual to relinquish your single status for wedded joy.

From the start of March, Uranus, the planet of freedom, takes up permanent residence in your Solar Home and Family Sector, dispelling any vague longings you may have been experiencing to put down firm roots and build a cosy little nest with someone special. As one of the least family orientated of all the Star Signs, settling for domestic bliss forever after may never have been at the top of your list of priorities – and neither is it likely to be now.

The limitations of friendship

However, events occurring during the course of 2019 under the influence of the powerful square aspect between Jupiter and Neptune (the planet of disillusionment) may cause you to re-assess the benefits of your happy-go-lucky lifestyle as you come to see the limits to what friendships have to offer to you compared to a full-on, live-in love affair.

Where your ideals have become somewhat distorted and are no longer serving your best interests, this will become clear to you during three important periods of the year centering around the middle of January, the middle of June and the third week of September. At these times a growing sense of disappointment in your social life may bring home the realization that, despite all the friends and acquaintances you have collected over the years, you often feel alone.

We may well believe we can avoid feelings of loneliness by constantly surrounding ourselves with good company, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, they can quietly creep up on us, and the bigger the group of people we find ourselves in, the greater our sense of isolation can become.

Your 2019 Romantic Opportunities

If one of your friendships show signs of starting to develop into a love affair – especially around your big romantic opportunity periods of 22nd January, and then later on around 24th November – be prepared to go with the flow and give it a fair try. When Venus (the planet of love) meets up with Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) at these times in your Friendships Sector, a genuine chance of finding true love may present itself, so be sure to grab it with both hands.

If you’re an Aquarius who is already in a relationship

The crucially important Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st January, spanning the Personal and Relationships Sectors of your Solar Chart, symbolizes the temporary winding down of a committed partnership in favor of creating more freedom for yourself and not constantly having to answer to somebody else.

This year the emphasis now shifts from ‘we’ to ‘me’, perhaps for a period of several months, or perhaps just for a couple of weeks or so. But in either case what’s important is to avoid burning your boats romantically speaking, and shutting the door on a significant relationship in your life you may bitterly regret losing in years to come.

If you start to feel suffocated and desperate for more personal space in your steady relationship, rather than ditching your Significant Other try putting a little more distance between them and yourself. Subtly reorganizing your schedule to give you more ‘me time’ or even taking a short vacation on your own are good strategies for assuaging that smothered feeling without alienating your partner and risking losing their love.