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Virgo 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Virgo 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

As confirmed by your 2016 Solar Love Horoscope, Virgo, this is a year when you should have every reason to be feeling a lot more confident in yourself!

Jupiter – the planet of optimism and good fortune – remains in your ‘Me’ Sector until the first week of September, giving a big boost to your health, your self-belief, and your willingness to put yourself first rather more often in life. Thereafter, Jupiter begins its one year sojourn through the Money area of your Solar Chart, bringing you new opportunities to improve your finances.

News of Jupiter transits is usually accompanied by a warning note to beware taking reckless risks due to misplaced over-confidence. But in your case, Virgo, such advice is unlikely to be needed. Because your major problems in life are associated more with under-confidence and excessive cautiousness, a little more of a devil-may-care approach could actually be very good for you now!

Jupiter’s cheering influence will be very helpful in countering the extra burdens Saturn may be throwing up for you in 2016 in your Domestic Sector. If you’re confronted with a few challenges in your relationships with your family or the people you share your home with, don’t make your usual mistake of turning yourself into a willing slave and trying too hard to sort out all their problems for them.

Remember this particularly around the dates of the two critical Saturn/Jupiter Squares on March 23rd (also the day of a powerful Lunar Eclipse) and again in the week starting May 23rd. To get through these periods successfully, it will be crucial to achieve a good balance between your inborn ‘work and service’ ethic and your new ‘me-first’ outlook on life.

Achieving the kind of home environment that matches your high standards – and the perfect partner to share it with – is something you’re working quite hard on right now, Virgo. Two powerful Squares between Saturn in your Solar Fourth House and Neptune, the planet of ideals, in your Partnerships Sector bring these issues strongly to the fore around the 18th June and 10th September 2016. Be careful about asking too much of yourself, and of your lover, while these difficult aspects are in force.

Virgo 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

If you’re single, Virgo, or are looking for a new love interest in 2016, you’re facing a psychological conflict between your deep need for security in love, versus a newfound desire for freedom in your intimate relationships.

Control-freak Pluto is now a long-term resident in your Love Affairs Sector, so you’re having to get used to a subconscious compulsion to be the one pulling the strings in your romantic relationships and keep your lover under your thumb!

But because Pluto is still squaring up to Uranus, the planet of freedom, in your Intimacy Sector (and will continue to do so, on and off, until well into 2017), you’re faced with an interesting dilemma, Virgo. On the one hand, you appear to be demanding total fidelity from your lover. But on the other hand you’d like to keep your own sexual options open for the time being.

Be careful about applying double standards in your romantic liaisons, Virgo, or risk angry accusations of crass hypocrisy. Because something has to give, try looking for a more ‘open’ kind of love affair in 2016, which successfully combines the principles of Uranus and Pluto by offering both people adequate personal independence, but within the secure framework of a fundamentally committed relationship.

Virgo 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

Reflect on the big asks you’re demanding of your romantic partners in 2016, Virgo, and how these reflect the impossibly high bar you may be setting for them.

Of course you’re picky about who you choose as your Significant Other – after all, you are a Virgo! But with Neptune, the planet of dreams and ideals, now firmly ensconced in your Solar Seventh House, your perfectionism about the kind of partner you’re looking for is approaching a degree unattainable by most mere mortals.

Bear in mind, dear Virgo, that in blindly reaching for the stars, you’re denying yourself a lot of earthly pleasures and missing out on potential partners who – although perhaps not your ideal soul mate – could actually be wonderfully good for you at a practical level.

If you’re hesitating to make a life-changing romantic commitment, Virgo, this may have something to do with your current feelings of inadequacy about your home-making and/or parenting abilities. These concerns are powerfully activated in 2016 around the time of the Summer Solstice by an undermining square aspect between Saturn and Neptune spanning your Solar Fourth and Seventh Houses, and by an ominous Full Moon at the ‘fated’ degree of 29° Sagittarius.

Falling in your Home and Family Sector this Anaretic-degree Full Moon could be dangerous in thwarting your domestic goals and ambitions, Virgo. Be particularly careful during this period that fears of failure, combined with unrealistically high expectations, don’t hold you back from taking that all-important step towards finding the right home, the right partner and the right live-in relationship now.

Virgo 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Sexually, you have confidence on your side, Virgo, in your 2016 Love Horoscope. Jupiter in your ‘Me’ Sector is boosting your personal charisma and giving you more confidence in your powers of attraction, which in turn brings you more romantic opportunities – especially during the last three weeks of April, when Venus (the planet of love) is resident in your Intimacy Sector.

However, the big stumbling block in your intimate relationships in 2016 is your underlying resistance to full-on commitment, which makes it hard for you to achieve a complete sexual union with your lover.

Of course, this will always be something of a problem while Uranus, the planet of freedom, remains in your Intimacy Sector, making you reluctant to share too much of yourself, both emotionally and materially, in case you lose your sense of personal independence.

Behaving more givingly towards your lover, both with your money and your love, becomes a lot easier after Jupiter, the planet of generosity, enters your Finance Sector around the 9th September. You should also notice now that the more you give out, the more you tend to receive from others (both emotionally and materially), as Jupiter, the planet of good karma, shows you positive payback of magnanimous sharing.

If you’ve been responding appropriately to Jupiter’s promptings to show your lover more generosity, you may be in line for an amazing ‘gift from the heavens’ this Christmas when lucky Jupiter lines up opposite Uranus, the planet or surprises, across your Solar 2nd and 8th Houses (the areas of your chart ruling Personal and Shared Resources).

This is a time when you might possibly receive an unexpected financial or material windfall, that has a very positive effect on your relationship. Alternatively, a sudden ‘flash from the blue’ insight or tip-off from a close friend or lover may result in a sudden stroke of financial good fortune. Whatever comes your way under this lucky aspect, be sure to grab it with both hands!

Virgo 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

The month following Venus’s entry into your Solar Eleventh House on 17th June marks the best time in 2016 for beginning and furthering your friendships, Virgo.

During this period, the 6th July, when Venus in your Friendships Sector makes a harmonous trine aspect with Mars in your Communications Sector, potentially stands out as by far the most advantageous time for social networking activities this year – but with one important proviso!

That same old paradox of wanting more commitment from others yet more freedom for yourself applies just as much to your relationships with your friends as it does to your romantic liaisons, Virgo. Keep in mind that it’s unreasonable to demand total loyalty from your buddies unless you are willing to pledge yours in return!

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