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Taurus 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Taurus 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

Where your love life is concerned, you’re facing an interesting inner conflict this year, Taurus. As your 2016 Love Horoscope reveals, for much of the time you seem to have one foot on the gas pedal, but the other foot on the brakes!

With expansive Jupiter in your Love Affairs Sector until the second week of September, on the one hand you’re in a flirty fun-loving, partying mood and keen to take full advantage of every romantic opportunity that comes your way.

On the other hand, as soon as a relationship starts to deepen and get more serious, Saturn, the planet of fear and limitation, resident all year in your Intimacy Sector, sends you running scared.

This can lead to a start-stop pattern of feeling madly in love with your sweetheart, then abruptly pulling away – which effectively means that your relationships could be more or less on hold this year, Taurus, with little chance of growing into maturity. Despite your inborn desire for permanence and security, it looks like you could be having an attack of commitment phobia in 2016!

The times when you may be most affected by this forwards-backwards love dilemma center around the two major Jupiter-Saturn squares occurring this year – the first on the March Lunar Eclipse (making it very powerful!) and the second in late May. Around these dates you’ll be challenged to find a better balance between your feelings of optimism and confidence about the future versus your instinctive sense of caution about plunging ahead into the new.

Just move slowly and steadily in your usual way Taurus, give yourself plenty of time to feel comfortable with your choices before making any kind of romantic decisions, and you’ll be in a great position to get the absolute best out of what could actually be a very lucky period in your love life, without unnecessarily holding yourself back.

Taurus 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

As you will already have gathered, there’s no shortage of glittering love opportunities for you Taurus, through much of 2016! With Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, resident in your Romance Sector until September 9th, your personal charisma is peaking and you attract admirers like moths to a flame.

Strong links between your Romance Sector and your Networking Sector around the Solar Eclipse on 9th March, and again with the Lunar Eclipse on 16th September, could make these important times for finding love through Social Media contacts. Get busy making lots of new friends now – and perhaps be willing to take a chance on people you don’t usually consider your type. Then you’ll discover how what starts out simply as plain friendship can quickly turn into an exciting romance!

Because, for the reasons given above, taking things onto the next level may not be quite so straightforward, ease up on your expectations of what could eventually come out of your romantic dalliances and flirtations in 2016. Enjoy the fun of the moment, Taurus, and before thinking about the future, be prepared to wait until later in the year when those challenging Jupiter-Saturn squares have passed.

Taurus 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

If you’re in a committed partnership, Taurus, you’ll need to be on your guard against fights triggered by attacks of jealousy in 2016. Mars (the planet of war) moves into your Partnerships Sector on 3rd January in the power-driven sign of Scorpio, activating your control freak side – which always makes an unwelcome appearance when you’re feeling a little insecure.

Remember that more couples separate shortly after New Year – the infamous Holiday Break-Up Season – than at any other time of the year. So if holding onto your partner is important to you, tread carefully until Mars finally moves out of your Partnerships Sector at the beginning of August 2016.

If, on the other hand, you’re seriously considering ditching your Significant Other, the date to watch this year, Taurus, is 22nd April 2016. An exciting conjunction between Venus (the planet of love) and Uranus (the planet of experimentation) in your Solar Twelfth House points to the possibility of a clandestine romantic attraction which – thanks to a powerful Full Moon occurring on the same day in your Partnerships Sector – could eventually spell the kiss of death for your current relationship.

Taurus 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Whichever sector of our horoscope Saturn happens to be passing through, it tends to have a limiting, chastening effect on our scope of activities. On the one hand this helps to stop us from going overboard in an area of our life where more caution is probably needed. But if we allow ourselves to be swamped by unwarranted anxieties and insecurities, we may ignore, or pass over, some wonderful opportunities that may never present themselves again.

Like last year, Saturn is still influencing the Intimate Sector of your Solar Horoscope, Taurus, throwing up the same kind of issues of sexual frustration or denial. Think carefully about how fears of failure could be sabotaging your sex life in 2016, and why you may be pulling back from fully sharing of yourself emotionally with your sexual partner.

As one of the most sensuous of all the Star Signs, Taurus, you’re likely to be very skillful in the art of physical lovemaking. Sharing your heart and soul – as well as your body – with your sexual partners may not come quite so easily to you, though.

Because Saturn always encourages us to work harder on our deficiencies and shortcomings, 2016 is a year for trying to build stronger emotional connections with your lover – which may involve overcoming any feelings of personal vulnerability and revealing some of the hidden secrets about yourself you’d rather others didn’t know.

Taurus 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

After Neptune goes Retrograde in your Social Sector on 13th June, longstanding friendships could become the source of unexplained feelings of disappointment – either on your friends’ part or on yours. If so, the answer may lie once again with ‘bad guy’ Saturn, blocking your ability to dig deep down into the underlying emotional patterns that shape and influence your relationships with your friends.

With your down to earth and essentially matter of fact approach to life, Taurus, not only do you sometimes find it quite hard to relate to your own feelings, but you can also easily overlook the emotional needs and sensitivities of your friends and loved ones (especially those born under Water signs).

Key dates in 2016 when, with a little effort, you can move your friendships onto a deeper and more fulfilling level focus on the Saturn/Neptune squares on the 18th June and 10th September.

When Saturn squares Neptune we are challenged to work towards bridging the gap between our real life experiences (Saturn) and our higher ideals and aspirations (Neptune). Essentially, it’s all about marrying the mundane and the spiritual, the practical and the emotional. You already have a highly evolved practical intelligence, Taurus: to perfect yourself, all that’s needed is a little work on developing your emotional intelligence too!

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