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Scorpio 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Scorpio 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

Do you believe in that old saying ‘money is the root of all evil’ Scorpio? Well, according to your 2016 Love Horoscope, money may well play an interesting part in your main relationship challenges this year!

Saturn, the planet of fear, is now midway through its sojourn in your Solar Finance Sector, triggering off some deep-seated anxieties about your material security. Regardless of how much money you actually have, a subconscious fear of poverty makes you afraid that, unless you are very careful, you might not have enough for your future needs.

On the one hand, Scorpio, this can make you rather more cautious, and perhaps a bit stingy, about spending your hard won cash. It also means that financial considerations are more likely to influence your choice of friends and lovers during 2016 than at most other times.

Of course, this isn’t to say you’ve suddenly turned into a ruthless gold-digger! But it may well be true that you’re more confident and secure right now in the company of financially solvent people, than with free-loading types who might end up bleeding you dry!

During 2016, Saturn makes two sets of challenging Square aspects, firstly in March and May to Jupiter in your Friendships Sector, and then later in the year to Neptune in your Romance Sector (more details on these later).

Because the values governing your relationship decisions may be very different to normal around these times, you should be careful about rejecting potential new friends and lovers purely for financial reasons. They may have other, even more valuable, qualities you’re not currently aware of, that only become apparent in the fullness of time!

Making the right choices about love and friendship becomes a lot simpler from September 2016 onwards, Scorpio, after Jupiter (the planet of enlightenment and wisdom) moves into the area of your Solar Chart that rules your intuitive faculties and your ‘higher guidance’.

During the last quarter of the year, Jupiter gives a big boost to your psychic, ‘inner knowing’ abilities, bringing you more vividly insightful dreams and meditations and powerfully activating your famous Scorpio ‘bullshit’ antennae. Accurately distinguishing between the true ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ gets much easier thereafter, so why not leave any major relationship decisions until then?

Scorpio 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

We know that deep down, you’re actually a big romantic idealist, Scorpio – and all the more so since dreamy Neptune moved into the Love Affairs Sector of your Solar Chart. But because you tend to hide your soft-heartedness beneath a tough defensive shell, only those who know you quite well are likely to be familiar with your idealistic outlook on love.

In 2016, your romantic yearnings are energized around the time of the Spring Equinox (the traditional time to get frisky!) when Venus (the planet of love) meets up with dream-weaving Neptune, kindling your hopes of finding the perfect romance, but perhaps also spinning a confusing web of illusion.

If you’re single, Scorpio, or looking for a new romance, this is certainly one of the main periods during 2016 when the Stars offer you the chance to find true love. But the minute you stop listening to your heart and allow worry and fear (especially of a financial nature) to cloud your judgment, you block the wonderful opportunities available to you at this time.

Watch out for the two major Saturn/Neptune Squares spanning your Romance and Money Sectors around the 18th June and 10th September 2016. These could send you chasing after the wrong kinds of lovers, who may prove a big source of disappointment further down the line.

Scorpio 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

9th May 2016 marks the date of an unusual astronomical event when Mercury, the planet of mind and intellect, passes directly across the Sun. Because this happens only a little more than a dozen times each century, it offers the possibility of some important insights.

Occurring this year in the sign of Taurus in your Partnerships Sector, for you, Scorpio, it’s an especially good day to spend thinking about the material values on which you base your one-on-one love relationships.

In a marriage or long-term partnership, how important is it to you that both people should have the same kind of attitude towards money? Can a couple with different financial priorities ever make a true success of their relationship? Are shared material values actually more helpful for ongoing happiness than sexual attraction? No matter whether you are looking for a long-term partner, or are already in a committed one-on-one relationship, these are the vital questions you need to be asking yourself, Scorpio, in 2016.

Scorpio 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Mars, the planet of passion, is in your own Star Sign, Scorpio, for no less than 5 months in total during 2016, revving up your powerful inborn sex drive – as well as your formidable powers of sexual manipulation!

Because you always feel safer when you have the upper hand in your intimate relationships, where possible you take the necessary actions to ensure the balance of power remains in your favor. With Mars in Scorpio (the most power-driven of all the Star Signs) from New Year to early March, and again right through June and July, you may notice such tendencies in you are more marked at these times.

If you know yourself well, Scorpio, you will understand that your infamous ‘control freak’ tendencies are actually driven by a deep fear of loss – primarily of your emotional security, but sometimes also your financial security. Since concerns about sharing yourself in ways that render you emotionally or financially vulnerable make it harder for you to achieve complete sexual union with your lover, a little more trust on your part may be needed this year.

Of all the intimacies you share with your lover, the sharing of money is likely to trigger the most fights and cause the biggest resentments, (perhaps because money is even harder to talk about than sex!). So while wet-blanket Saturn in your Finance Sector won’t let you forget the vital importance of protecting your material assets in 2016, Scorpio, don’t let unfounded suspicions about your lover’s financial motivations cast a damper on your love life this year.

Be particularly careful around the Summer Solstice on 20th June, Scorpio, when an auspicious Full Moon at the fated degree of 29° Sagittarius/Gemini could bring conflicts about issues of shared ownership to a dangerous head!

Scorpio 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

The good news, Scorpio, is that you still have Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in your Friendships Sector until the 9th September. Seeds of friendship you sowed during the second half of last year, when Jupiter first entered your Solar 11th House, may now begin yielding ripe fruits in the form of helpful connections which can advance both your professional and your social status.

Here again, though, you need to be careful not to spoil things by judging people’s usefulness on the basis of how much they can do for you in material terms, while perhaps overlooking some of their more ‘spiritual’ qualities.

You’re more susceptible to these lapses of judgment at the times of the big Jupiter-Saturn Squares spanning your Friendships and Money Sectors on March 23rd (also the day of a powerful Lunar Eclipse) and again in the week starting May 23rd. Unless you’re able to balance your Saturn-driven cautiousness with a good measure of Jupiterian optimism, you could make some very bad calls where your friendships are concerned, Scorpio, in 2016.

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