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Leo 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Leo 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

You’re pulled in two conflicting directions, Leo, in your 2016 Love Horoscope – but which way will you choose to go? As ever, the side of you that loves to splash out on fun and partying is very much alive and kicking. But an unfamiliar, and perhaps rather unsettling, note of austerity and self-discipline is also creeping into your outlook on life!

On the one hand, until early September you have expansive, happy-go-lucky Jupiter in your Money Sector, encouraging you to spend freely (and perhaps also rather foolishly) both on yourself and on your friends and lovers, without a care about possible financial shortages ahead.

On the other hand, ‘Stern Teacher’ Saturn remains resident all through 2016 in the part of your Solar Chart that rules Entertainments, silently scolding you whenever you push out the boat too far in the pursuit of frivolous delights at the expense of sound common sense.

Your dilemma, Leo, is intensified around the time of the powerful Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd, and again a couple of months later on May 26th,, when confident Jupiter forms a challenging square with cautious Saturn, creating a highly stressful stop-go energy that could have you spinning in circles!

Can you strike a happy medium and carry on enjoying yourself and giving generously to the people you love, but without being too extravagant or reckless? That’s the big question you have to ask yourself, Leo, over the course of 2016.

The problem you face this year, Leo, is that your old habit of trying to blot out some of the ‘serious stuff’ in life by binging on superficial distractions is no longer working quite as well as it once used to!

Since Neptune (the planet of dreams and ideals) moved into your Solar Eighth House, you’ve been seeking a much deeper kind of satisfaction that goes far beyond material pleasures. Now Saturn, squaring up to Neptune first in June 2016 and then in September, will be teaching you the hard truth in that old saying ‘money can’t you buy happiness’.

Leo 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

Your usual blazing self-confidence in your powers of attraction has dimmed a little since Saturn first moved into your Romance Sector about one year ago (yes, sorry Leo, it’s all about Saturn again!).

It’s harder now for you Big Cats to trust in your inborn charisma without a few more artificial props and adornments to boost your sex appeal. As a result you may find yourself spending a lot more on flashy new clothes or expensive cosmetics and beauty treatments. You may also experience a sudden urge to try to ‘buy’ love and admiration by splashing money around on your dates or lovers.

Unfortunately though, no matter how much money you throw at your love life right now, it can’t fill the gaping hole in your heart. To experience romantic fulfillment in 2016, Leo, you have to find ways of showing potential lovers your deeper, more substantial qualities, not just what’s on the surface. And in turn you have to start looking beyond appearances in others to discover their true inner beauty, which is a lot more than skin deep.

September 2016 is an important month for you Leo, in terms of re-assessing your romantic values and making a critical breakthrough in your search for true love. The immensely powerful Lunar Eclipse on 16th September, activating your Solar Eighth and Second Houses, may spell the final ending to those old, outworn criteria that have been governing your choice of dates or lovers – and perhaps also the end of an inappropriate love affair that no longer quite hits the spot.

Leo 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

If you’re in a committed partnership, you’re likely to be at your happiest this year Leo. When you’re part of a stable romantic twosome, there’s less compulsion to prove your powers of seduction are still working (provided, of course, your partner is towing the line and being faithful!) and less reason to feel emotionally insecure.

But even with the most dependable partner in the world, Saturn’s undermining influence may sometimes make you feel you’re not getting as much love and appreciation as you know deep down you are worthy of, sending you into one of those infamous Leo sulks.

When this happens (most likely around the Leo/Aquarius Full Moons on January 20th and 18th August), don’t waste your time playing little power games to attract more attention. Right now, the only way to get your partner to listen to your grievances is to bring them right out into the open and clearly speak your mind.

Fortunately, discussions of all kinds become much easier for you, Leo, after Jupiter, the planet of goodwill, enters your Communications Sector on the 9th September 2016. Because Jupiter is then in Libra, the sign of harmony and togetherness, there’s a much greater chance of achieving peaceful resolutions to relationship conflicts, that can actually bring you and your partner much closer than ever before.

Leo 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

The sense of being taken for granted in your intimate relationships is more likely if these are lacking the deep level of emotional sharing that has become so much more important to you since Neptune, the planet of ideals, moved into your Solar Eighth House.

Although you may not be consciously aware of it, what you are actually aspiring towards, Leo, is the kind of sexual relationship where both people instinctively sense the other’s emotional wants and needs without having to explicitly spell them out to each other. In other words, the kind of sex that goes far beyond the mere physical act, and touches your heart and soul.
Bear in mind, however, that whatever you ask of your partner in terms of more willingness to share freely of themselves, you also have to be prepared to offer to them in return. This may mean the revelation of some embarrassing intimate secrets that could be wounding to your pride, Leo. In the pursuit of greater intimacy and sharing, how just far are you prepared to go?

2016 presents you with two exceptional opportunities to gain greater clarity about your relationship priorities, notably at the time of the Solar Eclipse on the 9th March and the Lunar Eclipse on September 16th, both of which fall in your Intimacy Sector. Because Eclipses are powerful indicators of imminent endings followed by important new beginnings, a current sexual relationship may need to undergo some drastic revisions, or even be discarded entirely, around these times.

Leo 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

Your dissatisfaction with the lack of depth and closeness in your intimate relationships also threatens to spill over into your friendships, Leo, during the course of 2016. If you’re too idealistic about what you ask from your friends in the way of commitment and devotion, you may be setting an impossibly high standard for them – and one which you may personally find hard to match.

Instinctively you want to be Number One in your friends’ lives, Leo, and you can get rather jealous and resentful if they treat you like just one of the crowd. But before you judge them too harshly, ask yourself whether these friends are also truly Number One in your own life. Are you doing your old regal number, dear Leo, and expecting everyone to worship at your shrine, while refusing to bow down to anyone else?

These friendship commitment issues may particularly come to the fore around the time of the Summer Solstice in June 2016. Over the space of a few days, a challenging Square between grouchy Saturn and over-idealistic Neptune is quickly succeeded by a powerful Full Moon at the notoriously dangerous degree of 29° Sagittarius/Gemini. Spanning the areas of your chart representing friendship versus personal recognition, this could wreak havoc in your relationships with your friends.

Be careful, during that period, that your unrealistic expectations don’t spell a tragic and premature end to a promising friendship, which was just starting to blossom into a beautiful romance!

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