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Capricorn 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Capricorn 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

In your heart of hearts you know all the solutions to your love problems in 2016, Capricorn. So why are those nagging old doubts, fears and worries holding you back from putting them into action?

For the answer to this question, let’s look at the configuration of Saturn – your ruling planet and the ‘Stern Teacher’ of our Solar System – in your 2016 Love Horoscope. Crucially, it makes two sets of critically challenging planetary aspects this year, that may cause you to constantly question your value judgments and could spell make or break for your relationships.

With Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, lighting up your Solar Ninth House until the first week of September, in principle you have all the higher knowledge and understanding you need to successfully sail through any problem you’re faced with in 2016.

But that’s reckoning without the interference of ‘Old Devil’ Saturn, lurking menacingly all year in the House of your Subconscious and stirring up all kinds of hidden demons of which you may be hardly aware.

Secret anxieties stemming from past disappointments and failures threaten to sabotage your good intentions in your major relationships this year, Capricorn – especially when Saturn squares Jupiter on March 23rd (also the day of a powerful Eclipse) and again in the week starting May 23rd – unless you’re willing to face up to and let go of these unhelpful emotions.

Fortunately Pluto, the planet of self-transformation, now permanently resident in your own Star Sign, gives you the courage and determination to finally get on top of the under-confidence typical of most Capricorns, which may well have plagued you since birth.

You’ll also need lots of this Plutonic fighting spirit during the periods centering on the 18th June and 10th September to deal with the mental confusion created by two particularly tense Squares between Saturn in your Solar Twelfth House and Neptune (the planet of illusion) now parked in your Communications Sector.

Nebulous fantasies dredged up from somewhere deep in your subconscious can get in the way of your logical thought processes now, giving you entirely the wrong take on what you’re hearing from others and creating some problematic crossed-wires in your interpersonal communications.

Prove your mental mastery of yourself, Capricorn, in 2016 by banishing all negative thinking and keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground!

Capricorn 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

9th May 2016 marks the date of an unusual astronomical event when Mercury, the planet of mind and intellect, passes directly across the Sun. Because this happens only a little more than a dozen times each century, it offers the possibility of some important insights.

Occurring this year in the sign of Taurus in your Love Affairs Sector, for you, Capricorn, it’s an especially good time to spend reflecting on the material values on which you base your romantic relationships.

In your love affairs, how important is it to you that both you and your partner should have the same kind of attitude towards money? Can a couple with different financial priorities ever make a true success of their relationship? Are shared material values even more helpful than sexual attraction for ongoing happiness? These are the vital questions you should be asking yourself now.

Valentines Day on February 14th (one of the busiest break-up times of the year!) is another key date when you will need to weigh up how much bearing money has on your choice of romantic partners.

With the Moon in your Romance Sector for much of the day, failure to receive a suitable material token of your lover’s devotion may set you questioning the depth of their love. Alternatively, it may not bother you in the slightest. Either way, you’ll learn a lot more about your real romantic values – and prove those old gold-digging rumors about Capricorns either true or false!

Capricorn 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

When you’re in a committed partnership, Capricorn, one of your biggest priorities is to prove yourself financially dependable and, where possible, a good joint provider. In fact your material aspirations may well have been one of the first things that attracted your partner to you from day one.

But since power-broking Pluto entered your Star Sign (and the Me Sector of your Solar Chart), your ambitiousness may have taken on such gigantic proportions – even to the point of putting money or status before your partner – that it could become more of a liability than an asset in your relationship.

Maintaining a better balance between your work and partnership priorities becomes particularly important in 2016 whenever Pluto changes direction and thus gains massively in power and influence. For this reason, watch out for the critical dates of 18th April when Pluto turns Retrograde, and 26th September when it goes Direct again.

Be particularly vigilant, too, after Jupiter (the planet of expansion) enters your Career Sector on the 9th September, and around the date of the big Square between Jupiter and Pluto on 24th November. At these times your career ambitions could be inflated to fanatical levels, robbing you of essential togetherness time with your partner.

Just how important is your work or profession to you, Capricorn, compared to your marriage or committed partnership, and how many sacrifices are you willing to make in favor of the one or the other? If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to reflect deeply on this major life dilemma in 2016.

Capricorn 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Classy and dignified, most Capricorns hate to make a fool of themselves over sex, and are cautious about revealing their passion unless they know it will be taken seriously. If you’re typical of your Star Sign, others are likely to admire you for your romantic integrity and discretion. But at the same time they may wish you would show your feelings a little more uninhibitedly!

Bear in mind, Capricorn, that by keeping your emotions so strictly under control, you make it hard for your date or partner to know when you are sexually turned on, and may thus miss out on many love opportunities.

So in 2016 why not take a leaf out of the sex manual of a Star Sign that’s very different to your own, but could actually teach you a trick or two where love is concerned? During the middle two weeks of July, Venus, then Mercury, and finally the Sun, move into flamboyant Leo – a sign that’s totally unabashed about openly flaunting its sexuality and wearing its heart on its sleeve.

During the ‘Leo Season’, why not have some fun and try basing your sexual technique on a Leo’s passionately romantic lovemaking style? Act like you know you’re irresistibly attractive, flirt shamelessly with anyone who lights your fire, then marvel at all those sexual invitations suddenly coming your way!

Capricorn 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

With Mars, the planet of war, in your Friendships Sector for no less than five months in total in 2016, the scene is set for some fearsome arguments in the first half of this year! Although this isn’t your usual approach, Capricorn, sometimes a few angry words are called for in order to make a clean break.

During its slow passage through the mercilessly probing sign of Scorpio – a sign with which you have some interesting similarities, Capricorn – Mars may unearth some deep-seated conflicts in your friendships, which have previously remained buried beneath the surface and could come as a big surprise to you now.

Your patience and loyalty towards your friends is legendary, dear Capricorn. But all that changes once you discover that someone you had placed your trust in has been secretly working against your true interests, or is standing in the way of your aspirations. Thanks to your sound common sense and your strong survival instinct, you know when a friendship has run its course!

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