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Cancer 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Cancer 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

The headline message in your 2016 Love Horoscope, Cancer, is to stop worrying so much about others and focus more on your own health and happiness. It’s time to get your irrepressible ‘mothering’ instincts under tighter control! Otherwise, stress related ailments associated with excessive care-giving could have a negative effect on both your physical wellbeing and on the quality of your relationships this year.

As you know only too well, trying too hard to look after all those dear souls who depend on your kindness and charity is your biggest Achilles Heel, dear Cancer. Especially when it comes to your family members, you often go over the top in terms of the amount of time and effort you devote to their welfare – which means there’s not a lot left to spend on other important areas of your life, notably your professional and romantic relationships.

Jupiter, the planet of generosity and goodwill, enters your Home and Family Sector in September 2016, making you more prone than usual to going overboard on favors to your family and/or extended family – and injuring your own health in the process.

You may well be a good multi-tasker, Cancer, but if in 2016 you attempt to please too many people without properly looking after yourself, then Saturn – the ‘Stern Teacher’ – parked all year in your Health Sector, will teach you the disagreeable consequences!

Excessive domestic or caring demands can also cause problems in your professional relationships in 2016, especially around the time of the March Lunar Eclipse and October Full Moon. Where your partnership or close friendships are concerned, the big flash points for trouble center around the hugely important Jupiter/Pluto square, spanning your Solar Fourth and Seventh Houses, during the second half of November (right on time for the Thanksgiving Holiday!!).

Make no mistake, dear Cancer, your date, lover or Significant Other, is likely to run out of patience in 2016 if all those various ‘lame dogs’ in your life are taking unfair precedence in your affections and giving them reason to feel sidelined and neglected.

Cancer 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

The best possible tonic you could give your health this year, Cancer, is to allow yourself the indulgence of a little light-hearted fun and frivolity. From January 3rd until early March – and again from May 27th until the start of August – Mars, the planet of passion, is invigorating your Love Affairs Sector, sexing up your personal charisma and setting the scene for a good number of smoldering attractions.

Your best time of all for romance in 2016 is actually after June 29th, when Mars changes direction on the very same day that Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your own Star Sign. Thereafter, you’re suddenly much more confident and upfront about verbally expressing your romantic desires and more able to come out of your shell by overcoming your inborn shyness.

This makes the first half of July an excellent time for finding a new love affair, or perhaps for injecting a new spark of romance into an existing relationship. Crucial, however, to the success of any romantic liaisons started or continuing during this period is that both you and your lover share the same kind of material values.

Because financial harmony is essential to the success of all Cancerian marriages and partnerships, if the two of you want to do different things with your material resources, this could prove a huge handicap in your relationship.

With this in mind, be sure to take full advantage of a helpful meet-up on 16th July between Venus (the planet of values) and Mercury (the planet of communication) in your Money Sector, to have a good chat with your date or lover about the things that matter most to you in life.

Cancer 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

If you’re in a steady relationship in 2016, Cancer, your partner may be in need of an extra measure of loving assurance that they are truly Number One in your world. With Pluto’s ongoing presence all year in your One-to-One Relationships Sector, control dramas make regular appearances in the dynamics between yourself and your ‘better half’.

Expansive Jupiter in your Solar Fourth House from early September, clashing with possessive Pluto in your House of Partnerships through the second part of November, pulls you between your commitments to home and family on the one hand and your Significant Other on the other hand. The decisions you make now will be critical to what comes to pass in your love life towards the end of 2016.

Pluto in your Solar Seventh may be playing out in one of two ways, Cancer. However much you know deep down that your partner loves you, you may be feeling strangely anxious about them leaving, with a strong compulsion to maintain control over them, whatever that takes. Alternatively it may be your partner who is attempting to wield the power in your relationship, perhaps by playing on your vulnerabilities and fears of loss.

In either case, there is likely to be a great deal of two-way manipulation going on, exacerbated whenever Mars (the planet of war) sparks off those power games as it meets up with Pluto in your Solar Seventh House. A major date to watch is the 19th October 2016, when simmering rivalries could come to a dangerous head.

Pre-empt trouble by making time for some heart-to-heart sharing about your personal fears and insecurities, and how these impact on the balance of power in your relationship. Either one of the catalytic Eclipses occurring this September – the Solar Eclipse on September 1st or the Lunar Eclipse on September 16th – both of which hit off your Communications Sector – would be a great day to get down to some game-changing discussions.

Cancer 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

In 2016, your health has a much stronger influence on your sex life, Cancer, than you might realize. If you’re below par either physically or mentally, your sexual performance is likely to be noticeably undermined this year.

Because worry and exhaustion have an immediate impact on a Cancerian’s libido, the more tired and stressed out you are, the less you feel like making love. Yet the irony is that good sex is actually one of the very best ways to relax – especially for Crabs! It’s also crucially important for maintaining harmony in your romantic relationships which, for the reasons explained above, are more likely to be beset by sexual insecurities in 2016.

Avoiding or denying yourself sex, dear Cancer, just makes you more uptight, further lowers your libido, and drives you and your sweetheart increasingly apart. Help yourself, and your Significant Other, by choosing the best astrological dates in 2016 for some therapeutic sexual healing. The Full Moons on January 20th and 18th August stand out as times when, both emotionally and physically, you can reach new heights of ecstasy with your lover – and profoundly re-invigorate your own energy levels at the same time.

Cancer 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

Avoid running around after your friends’ every need, and acting more like their mother than their buddy in 2016, Cancer! Too much time spent in the company of friends – or even just keeping up with your Social Media contacts – can make your date or partner feel particularly shut out and jealous this year.

Valentines Day 2016 is probably an especially bad time to be hanging out with a group of friends, Cancer. Comparing your own Valentine gifts (or lack thereof) with what others are receiving only tends to stir up feelings of discontentment. If you don’t receive the kind of offerings you think you deserve, you’re likely to be left feeling very sorry for yourself.

The Moon in Taurus, locked into a challenging T-Square with Mars and the Sun, can spark off some terrible fights or break-ups on February 14th 2016 (traditionally a notorious day for romantic separations!). Bear in mind that these are more likely if you’re currently in a relationship with someone on a different wavelength to yourself in terms of their material wants and values (see your Romance Horoscope Forecast for further details).

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