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Aries 2016 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Aries 2016 Love Horoscope Overview

You have some critical choices to make regarding your love life in 2016, Aries. So no hasty decisions this year or rushing in where angels fear to tread (and be particularly cautious of spur-of-the-moment Leap Year proposals!!).

The big news is that there’s a major opportunity for you to enter into, or to deepen, a steady romantic partnership. Jupiter, the planet of good karma, makes a welcome appearance in your Solar Seventh House in September 2016, bringing you the rewards of past efforts you have put into your close relationships.

However, it’s definitely not all plain sailing and, crucially, you will have to carefully weigh up how your inborn Aries desire for personal freedom will fit in with a more committed love relationship.

In addition, increasing job demands may take a heavy toll on the amount of time and energy you have available to channel into a full-time partnership – perhaps particularly during November 2016 when Jupiter in your Solar Seventh House squares up with Pluto in your Solar Careers Sector.

What’s important this year, Aries, is getting the right balance between ‘me time’ versus ‘career time’ versus ‘couple time’. Unless all three of these aspects of your life are functioning in harmony, at least one of them is likely to suffer in 2016.

Because Saturn, the ‘Stern Teacher’, remains in your Beliefs and Values Sector right through 2016, you’re being challenged to think long and hard about the things in life that matter most to you and can bring you the most fulfillment and happiness.

Invest in your future by slowing down a little and regularly taking a few hours out of your busy schedule for some quiet reflection. It’s the best way to avoid rash, badly thought out decisions (your Achilles Heel, Aries!) and painful heartaches further down the line.

Aries 2016 Romance Horoscope Forecast

July 2016 stands out as a great time for romance for you this year, Aries – so why not book a lazy vacation that month to make the most of what’s on offer!

With Venus (the planet of love) and Mercury (the planet of conversation) converging on your Solar Fifth House shortly before the Sun moves in on the 22nd, the middle of July throws up lots of exciting opportunities for flirt-chats, hook-ups – or maybe just injecting a new shot of romantic fun into an existing relationship.

Be careful, however, on the 29th of July when Mercury squares up to Mars (the planet of war) in your Intimacy Sector, on the very same day that Uranus (the planet of the unexpected) goes Retrograde. Sexual jealousies or conflicts could culminate in a sudden verbal outburst that totally destroys the delicious romantic atmosphere that’s been slowly building.

The good news is that things get better again after the Leo New Moon on 2nd August, lighting up your Romance Sector.

Aries 2016 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

Due to the long awaited entry of Jupiter (the planet of good luck) into the area of your Solar Chart that rules one-on-one relationships, 2016 could be a very fortunate year for you Aries, in terms of any existing partnerships in your life.

From the second week of September, you should experience more harmony both with your romantic partner and your best friend. If there has been any bad feeling between you, the Stars are on your side now in finding a solution which is beneficial to both people. If you’re keen to put a love affair on more of a permanent footing, this is the best time of the year to try to do so. But first think carefully about whether you can handle the extra commitment right now.

Bear in mind that increased cosmic activity in your Partnerships Sector throws up the usual Aries dilemma of choosing between ‘me time’ or ‘togetherness time’. This conflict is highlighted several times in 2016, and most notably on the Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd in Libra/Aries and around the time of a tense opposition between Jupiter and Uranus on December 26th.. At these times you may be pulled between the relationship opportunities opening up to you, and a sudden terror of losing your personal independence.

Aries 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Mars, the planet of passion and war, is in and out of your Intimacy Sector several times during the course of 2016, threatening a series of nasty fights over conflicting emotional and sexual needs between yourself and your lover.

It all kicks off on 3rd January as Mars moves into smoldering Scorpio: you may find your sex drive suddenly getting a lot stronger, while feelings of jealousy and anger also go into overdrive. Valentines Day is another possible flare point, as is the period around 29th July, when a change of direction by Uranus, the planet of explosions, threatens to rip apart your love life!

Sexually and emotionally, things improve from August 2016 onwards, when Mars finally packs its bags and leaves your Intimacy Sector once and for all (well, at least for a couple of years!). This makes room for Venus (the planet of love and harmony) to move in on September 23rd. Take advantage of this welcome emotional lull to focus on making love and not war!

Aries 2016 Friendships Horoscope Forecast

Make the very most of the first couple days of 2016 to get networking, Aries, and to foster any important social contacts (both new and old) you want to make for the year ahead. Mercury, the planet of communications, entering your Friendships Sector on January 3rd makes connecting with others much easier at this time, but you’ll have to act very fast!

When Mercury goes Retrograde on January 5th, the risk of intellectual misunderstandings and verbal crossed wires starts to creep in. Any social arrangements you try to set up after this time could unexpectedly fall through, messing up your New Year plans.

Be on your guard, too, for an unsuspected overlap between friendship and romance in your life around the time of the Full Moons on 20th January and again on 18th August. Someone you thought of as just a friend may have developed a quiet crush on you and be hoping for a lot more than you can realistically offer them.

Alternatively, one of these Full Moons may bring final closure to a romantic relationship that has gradually been losing a lot of its spark and passion, and morphing back into something more akin to a platonic friendship - without either person realizing what was actually going on until now.

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