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The Relationship Oracle Report

How to Flirt With the 12 Star Signs

Fine-tune your flirting technique for maximum dating success. Anyone can master the art of flirting with a little astrological guidance - we show you how!

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Born under the Star Sign of Sagittarius, you're the most playful flirt in the Zodiac!

If you're typical of your Sun Sign, your instinctive flirting style is open, friendly and light-hearted. For you, flirting is always a fun adventure - a chance to spread your wings, try out your luck and have a bit of a laugh. Not to be taken too seriously of course; you're far too respectful of your own - and others' - freedom.

More than anyone, you understand that humor is the greatest aphrodisiac. No question, wit is your most powerful weapon of seduction, and a good joke your most successful pick-up line. You learnt early on in life that clowning around wins you more friends than trying to look cool and dignified. Now you confidently use your comedian skills to score in the game of love.

A formidable technique! But how successful is it likely to prove with the other 12 star signs? And how best can you modify it to improve your chances of success?

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